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Philosophy of this site

WWW.DAYLESFORD.NET.AU is a regional web portal and directory. Listing all shops, businesses and organisations primarily within the Hepburn Shire area.

We endeavours to list all businesses operating within, the region

- free of charge,
- with names,
- addresses,
- telephone numbers,

for the benefit of tourists, local residents, community groups and businesses alike.
It acts as a gateway for the International community to visit our beautiful region.

The Listing in the directory is constantly updated from available data sources and from requests and inputs from businesses and organisations.

Co-operation with the Hepburn Council, local schools, neighbourhood houses and community groups is encouraged.

Communication and liaison with business associations and local Chambers is sought.

Combined support for a common gateway portal, focuses resources to effectively reach a wide audience.

Low cost entry shared by many is more cost efficient to all participants and supports a high internet search "hit" profile

List form

Email and web addresses where available are activated for a small fee.

Domain names and email names can be purchased OR your own name organised.


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